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Best ui fonts

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This article was written in and remains one of our most popular posts. Many programmers are passionate about their text editor. They will spend longer choosing the optimum font and color scheme than they would decorating their house. An editing font is a very personal choice and, given the hours spent at the screen, it needs to be something the programmer is comfortable with. There are no hard and fast rules, but:. I wish more editors offered that facility.

Here is a list of great programmer fonts for those of you who steadfastly refuse to believe in anything beyond Courier New.

All but one of the examples use point text, but they may look better at other sizes. One of core Windows fonts, Arial is often overlooked, but it is a clear and readable typeface. Most systems have it installed, but Arial is also available from SourceForge. This is a monospaced version of Bitstream Vera Sans which many programmers will prefer. I find it a little wide, but characters are certainly easier to identify.

It is available in the Bitstream Vera Sans download above.

Handpicked Free Fonts for Designers

Consolas is a relatively new Microsoft font that is installed in Vista or available as a separate download. It is a very clear and compact monospace font and is being used by more developers. Dina is my favorite monospace font and, for clarity, it is hard to beat download Dina. It is available in 8, 9 and point text sizes and looks great on any system.

It reminds me of a sans-serif version of Courier New, but certainly looks better. If Lucida Console is a little too chunky for your tastes, try Lucida Sans.

The font has been provided with Microsoft Windows and Office for many years and is a compact, practical font that looks very attractive. Monaco started life on the Mac and is one of the more popular fonts on that platform download Monaco.

I find it a little too fancy on Windows but many developers will disagree. Perhaps this is slightly controversial, but it is my default font of choice. MS Sans Serif was introduced in Windows 1. It was the default Microsoft system font until they replaced it with Tahoma in Windows The font is similar to Arial and suffers from the same issues, but I find it a little clearer.We have often observed that users skip reading if the content is not presented in a legible fashion.

The most popular platforms today — Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter — are all content centric to say the least. Even visual-heavy platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, need an underline of text to add meaning to visuals. In our experience as a UX focused company, a font can easily be the most subtle, and yet powerful differentiator for the next UI we are building.

Here are the top 5 UI fonts that you may use in your next website or mobile app. Open Sans is a humanist sans serif typeface designed by Steve Matteson. Open Sans was optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and has excellent legibility characteristics in its letterforms. Best used for: Websites and Mobile Apps for prolonged usage and legibility.

Open Sans is easy on eyes and can be good for regular consumption. Try 12—16px for main Content and 24—30px for Headings. Current Use Case: Paytm. Font Source: Google Fonts.

How To Choose Fonts

Montserrat is a new libre sans text typeface for the web, inspired by the signage found in a historical neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Montserrat is a geometric style of type that has subtle optical adjustments. The result is a sans serif family with multiple versions and multiple possibilities, both in the editorial and corporate realm. The geometric type, optimised for digital usage, is best used in minimal User Interfaces.

Great for headings, even in caps. Try 14—18px for main Content and 28—34px for Headings.

Best Fonts For Flat UI Design

Current Use Case: Knowing Design. Playfair Display is a serif font. This font takes influence from the designs of typeface designer John Baskerville. As the name indicates, Playfair Display is well suited for titling and headlines.What makes a UI design look stunning?

Some of you may say simplicity, or maybe alignment or maybe white space. And there may be people around here who might even rule out the concept altogether.

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Fonts are a compelling element of any design, it can change the look of any site, and it makes your graphic design look stylish and innovative. Using premium and classy fonts can have an enormous impact on your audience. However, you should know that web fonts are capable of even misguiding your visualization many times. Since we are here to be your helping hand in this article, we will recommend a series of fonts that are technically and visually reader-friendly and are compatible with various browsers and OS.

Low battery is a fun, whimsical block type font that is ideal for logos or headlines. It features uneven edged and straight lines giving it a graphic feel. This font would be ideal for tech based texts or for displays that are very attention grabbing.

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The Berlin Rounded font is a variation of a popular UI typeface. It features a clean look that is easy to read. It is perfect for texts, headlines or displays. A classic font goes a long way, and this one will help keep your projects on point. BW Surco is a funky font that looks handwritten with graphic elements. It has curved edges and an elongated shape to add some elegance to this otherwise fun print type.

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This is a good font to use for advertising purposes that catch the eye. Articulate is part of the Sans Serif font style with its minimal look. It is as well rounded and thought out as the words it will represent. Looking for a fresh take on a modern font? Articulat is one that can easily be used for just about any project thanks to its versatility. Gelion is bold, youthful and the modern UI fonts of You are welcoming people into the site with this font because it does not have any frills.

Plus, this font is full enough that anybody can read it.

best ui fonts

You can repurpose the font to any size, and it will still be clear. You have much more flexibility as a designer when using this font. You can describe Bank Typeface with only 1 word and that word is dope. Its an all-caps font developed for modern applications, its style is unique and leaves you breathless. It has 2 styles, lined and sectioned one which has been designed to layer on top of each other to create an alternate magnificent third style. Everything mixed together looks absolutely amazing and futuristic.I know there are some posts regarding this topic but they are pretty old.

I wonder which are your favorite fonts for UI, specially Mobile and why. I'm on a middle of a project and have already chosen San Francisco but I'm considering other alternatives.

This is a bit like asking what colour I should use for the cape of the super hero I'm drawing. Kinda depends on the hero's powers, rest of his outfit, style of the drawings, etc etc etc. What's the target audience? What do you know about your audience? What are you displaying? I don't think there is a "best" UI typeface, rather it's a question on what is the most appropriate for what circumstance. I almost always use the same principle when doing UI work. It involves using only 2 fonts in entire app.

Choose one font to make you stand out or for branding. I use this font for titles, numerals etc. I really like Source Sans Pro.

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It's a free font family with many weights. It was designed by Paul D. Hunt for Adobe and was specifically designed for use in apps. If you don't want to use the system font then I recommend Circular. It has many weights, scales wonderfully, and it has a tall x height which helps readability.

Why Circular? Aside from it being very expensive, and incredibly overused within the last couple years; you have no context about the application to make such a recommendation. Pretty sure I made my choice clear. It has a ton of weights, it scales nicely, large xheight contributes to readability. If San Francisco works, Circular works.Happy New Year ! We hope these fonts are very useful to create some great graphic and web projects in future.

Download Now. In this collection, you will find Fifty Free Fonts.

best ui fonts

Hope you like it! Font Download. Are these fonts still available for download? I tried downloading several from the Pixel Surplus site, and I get a. Hi Christine, I checked all the link, all are working perfectly. Kindly mention font s name here which was you trying to download.

Hi Great collections,thanks. Any help appreciated. These are terrible.

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Almost all are script fonts which are so overused. Stop using these script fonts and please let the trend die.

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Good design is timeless and many of these are very good. Only a design limit. ALL of them. None of them? They just look for good stuff and when they find it, they use it.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

User Experience Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for user experience researchers and experts. It only takes a minute to sign up. There seem to be many standards. Please note that I'm not interested in "taste" answers, but objective reasons to choose one font. There are people out there that have lot of experience in user interface design and have answered this question for themselves through a process of comparison and balancing reasons for one font against another.

What I want to know is: Which font to choose, what else should be considered in means of accessability. Your desktop application, if it is built on system controls not with it's own graphic style entirely should use system font to be compliant to OS guidelines weither it is Windows, Mac OS or Unix derivative OS. Test, test and test it again on different OS versions with different system settings, or simply set up requirments to certain OS if it is both hardware and software suite, that is popular in some b2c segments.

If you make custom graphical interface, then the selection of the font is more arbitrary, and depends on your needs see answers above. Today we have thousands of fonts available and that to free of cost. If you are making a windows application then following things can be considered :.

First is to make sure that your system will be used on which platforms of Windows. Whether it is Windows Vista onwards or Windows Vista before. Also it should be verified that the font you are using is a common font and requires no extra installation.

Comparing both the images you can clearly observe the difference in edge smoothing of font on two different versions of OS. Readability of a given font is dependent on other factors. Sans serif fonts are usually considered more readable on displays of traditional ppi densities, but serifs are more readable when the densities get higher. Verdana is one of the more readable fonts at small sizes, but at larger sizes looks pudgy and bloated.

The 100 Best Free Fonts for Designers

If there is a "system" font that may have been specified by the user that would be the safest font to use. In any case you should understand that in many cases you can't control the size of the font a person with weak sight may have all the fonts displayed large so you should be careful assuming font sizes when designing layouts. Besides the font, typographic parameters like line length and leading line spacing have big impact on readability. One of core Windows fonts, Arial is often overlooked, but it is a clear and readable typeface.

You can of course use any windows based fonts Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, Sans if you're developing your app in Unicode you can also use "sylfaen" or you can embed any font you like You can search opensource and download and redistribute fonts without any restriction. It is, indeed, an art.

But if you are not a graphic designer with good eye for typefaces and just looking for a general guideline, I assume you are looking at Helvetica or its Windows equivalent Arial. Generally speaking, many designers see Helvetica as a sort of 'superior' font. Amongst its benefits:.Check out this well-crafted free typeface designed by Mariano Diez. A grid-based, display monospaced containing 2 weights: regular and bold, …. The font is multilingual ….

A perfect typeface ….

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An ideal typeface for displays, headlines, posters, and logos. This …. A monospaced, grid-based display typeface with a single weight and constant height designed by Arun Gopidas. It has two moods: …. Today we are featuring a beautiful free typeface created by Bruno Perotto. Cities is a neo-grotesque uppercase font perfect for ….

A free monospace font designed to be used for coding editors. An open-source and free typeface for developers. Designed to …. Anderson Grotesk is a hand-rendered Neo-Grotesk typeface. A nice beautiful free font family that comes in 4 weights plus italics: …. A free display typeface inspired by Didone style created by Rajesh Rajput. Emberly has 3 widths and 54 styles and …. NY Bricks is a free display font, inspired by street style.

best ui fonts

This font is perfect for posters, headlines, branding and …. Zephyr is a stencil serif free font with lots of unique characters. It comes in eight styles and also for …. Glacial Indifference is a free and open-source typeface with inspirations from Bauhaus geometric fonts.

This free typeface is available in …. Reno Mono is a free, regular fixed-width font designed to be used as a webfont while also providing a memorable ….

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